Postdoc Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Ghent University

Eva D’haene

Who is Eva?

Eva is a postdoc in the FunGen lab since 2021 (shared supervision with prof. Elfride De Baere).  

She obtained her PhD in 2021, working with prof. Sarah Vergult on the interpretation of non-coding structural variation in neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Eva was recently awarded an FWO junior postdoctoral fellowship. Her current projects involve mapping 3D genomes and regulatory landscapes in the human retina (with prof. Elfride De Baere) and interpreting the impact of pathogenic structural variation in patients with retinal and developmental disorders. Additionally, she is also involved in teaching and supervision of PhD students. 

Eva has built great expertise in regulatory genomics, in particular 3D genome mapping technologies (4C, UMI-4C, Hi-C, Pore-C), enhancer validation assays and (epi)genomic data analysis. In her spare time, she loves to travel, drink coffee, ride her bike and climb rocks. 

Postdoc Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Department of Human Structure and Repair, Ghent University

Michael B Vaughan

Who is Michael?

Mike is a postdoc in the FunGen lab since February 2023. He carried out his PhD studies in the University College Cork Department of Physiology. His research was funded by a Lilly Doctoral Scholarship and focused on using 3D human neuronal culture for the study of Alzheimer’s disease. His current project looks at the multiparametric characterisation of neurodevelopmental disorders using human neural organoids. Working within both the FunGen lab and the team of Prof. Ruslan Dmitriev, Mike’s research will focus on the integration of complex cell culture, advanced imaging, and “Big Data” methodologies for experimental pipeline design.

When not working in the lab Mike is often surfing, playing music, or trying to build something.

Mike is currently funded on a Ghent University Special Research Fund (BOF) project. In addition to this project, he is also involved in training and supervision of Msc & PhD students, as well as scouting out new techniques to bring back to Gent.

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